Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh Stasis: the video.... finally!

Nearly a year ago now i had the chance to work on a music video with a friend of mine, Horst Sarubin, the video was for Grayson Gilmour's song 'Oh Stasis'. Horst initiated the project as part of his Masters Degree in Film at Victoria University, and through his contacts in the film industry was able to assemble an impressively talented crew to work on the 'no-budget' project.

Here is my original blog post on the shoot: http://lukefrater.blogspot.com/2010/08/grayson-gilmour-video-shoot

...so, what was meant to be a few months of post production ballooned out to nearly a year, as various problems with the CGI effects, editing ..and a fire which decimated the miniatures studio in Kilbirnie (where we shot the video) all contributed to a long delay to the release of the final video.

Last week though, the final touches were put on it, it was colour graded, and the video was given a final release. It was great to see the video come together and see all of the different elements assembled at last. My role as Camera Operator meant that i was responsible for configuring our camera rigs, for shooting a lot of the live action pieces (with our actor Paul), and also photographing the star timelaspes that provide the background in a number of the city shots. It was a great deal of fun to work on and i'm very proud to be a small member of the team responsible for the final product


Drowning Man from Horst Sarubin on Vimeo.